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Armstrong Woodfinish Steel Doors
Wooden finish steel doors, Armstrong fire Stopper products from market miracles

Our Armstrong steel doors are made of cold rolled steel and stainless steel.

Suitable as entry door, security door, apartment door, flat door and room door.

Infilling material: honeycomb paper

Standard size: height x width (mm): 2050 x 860/960


  • thickness of door leaf: 50mm, 70mm ,( 90mm, 100mm)
  • thickness of door leaf steel sheet: 0.5--1.0mm
  • thickness of door frame steel sheet: 0.8--1.5mm
  • stainless steel doorsill

Surface treatments

Surface treatments: electro-static powder coating or heat-transfer printing


Adjustable reinforced hinges, multi-point lock, alloy handles, peephole, rubber seal, installing bolts, etc.

Lock set

12 locking points at the top, bottom and side of steel doors; the lock set offer the houses more secure.

Opening direction

Direction: left inside, right inside, left outside, right outside.

Features, functions

Features: shock proof, sound proof, warmth persevered, anti-pry, anti-drill, moisture proof Functions: suitable for residential houses, flats, apartments and rooms suitable as entry doors, security doors, apartment doors, flat doors and room doors


  • What are the main features of Armstrong Doors?
    Armstrong doors are Shock proof, sound proof, warmth persevered, anti-pry, anti-drill, moisture proof
  • Do you allow distributor or agency?
    Yes we do. Conditions apply.
  • Do you have validity of quotation?
    Yes. Quotations are issued with a specific validity.

General Information

Armstrong Steel Doors

Technical specification:

  • Material: cold-rolled steel
  • Thickness of the door leaf:5cm/7cm/9cm
  • Frame outer sizes(H×W):
    • a) 2,050×960 mm
    • b) 2,050×860 mm
  • Accessories: adjustable reinforced hinges, specialty multi-point lock, handles, peephole, rubber seal and magnetic seal, installing bolts, stainless steel threshold
  • Infilling: honeycomb paper
  • Opening degree:110 degrees, 180 degrees
  • Opening direction:Inword/ outward
  • Lock handle position: on left/ on right
  • Colors: diversified colors available
  • Applicable for houses or flats
  • Can also be used as room door
  • Suitable for different wall thickness
  • Shockproof, soundproof, warmth preserved, anti-pry, anti-drill, moisture proof, guards against theft
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Bright, lustrous and durable appearance
  • MM 68
  • MM 69
  • MM 78
  • MM 67
  • MM 20A