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Armstrong Fire Stoppers
Wooden finish steel doors, Armstrong fire Stopper products from market miracles

Fire Extinguishing Ball can effectively be placed to put out fires caused by:-

  • Electrical short circuits
  • Fat, oil and paraffin fires on stoves
  • Fires started in vehicles like cars and boats
  • Fires in workshop and factories

Main features Amstrong Fire Stop Ball

  • It is the only portable fire extinguishing device in the world that Auto Activates with flames.
  • Upon activation, it emits a loud bang
  • It is extremely light weight: only 1.3 Kg
  • It avoids re-filling : It has a maintenance-free lifespan of 5years
  • You don't have to get close to the fire: one can roll it into the fire from a long distance
  • Fire Extinguishing Ball does not activate on heat exposure. It only gets activated upon contact with open flames
  • Fire Extinguishing Ball can be kept on shelf or wall-mounted bracket for easy reach
  • Fire Extinguishing Ball is safe and easy. Yes life-saving device that is so simple.
  • Certificate
  • AFS